Readership Study 

Why Neighbors will work for you! Positive Readership Motivators. 
• A new Readership Institute study of 4,400 readers shows that they “experience” the newspapers in many distinct 
and measurable ways that are closely linked with whether they read more, or whether they read less. 
• Newspapers that give readers “something to talk about” with colleagues, friends and family create a positive 
experience and encourage a readership habit. 
• Many of the 44 distinct newspaper-reading experiences identified in the study are positive – 
we call them Motivators — and are associated with higher readership. 

Looks out for my interests 
Reading the newspaper helps me to participate 
and get the most out of being a member of the 
community. It makes me enjoy the community 
more by helping me plan what I want to see or do. 

Something to talk about 
The newspaper stimulates me to think about things 
and gives me things to talk about with others. It is 
important to remember what I read. The newspaper 
helps me give information to other people - 
something I really enjoy. 

Makes me smarter 
Reading the newspaper is educational for me. I 
learn a lot from both the editorial and the ads. The 
newspaper is a source of ideas and insight for me. 

Touches & inspires me 
The newspaper inspires me both to improve myself 
and to do new things. It enhances my self-esteem 
and makes me take pride in the accomplishments 
of other people. It makes me feel good and touches 
me emotionally. 

High quality, unique content 
I feel that the newspaper is a quality product. It is 
professionally produced, interesting and has content 
I can’t get elsewhere. I think the newspaper 
compares favorably to well-known newspapers. 

I connect with the writers 
When I read an article, I notice who wrote it. I feel 
like I get to know certain writers and look forward 
to their work. 

My personal timeout 
For me, reading the newspaper is a way of relaxing 
and taking a break from more stressful activities. I 
think of it as a treat to myself. When I read, I get 
comfortable and just lose myself in it. 

Clip & save 
I enjoy keeping and filing stories and sending them 
to others. There’s something satisfying about the 
physical nature of the newspaper. 

Pass it around 
I share the newspaper with others around me. 

Ad credibility 
Seeing advertising in this newspaper makes me 
think more highly of the advertiser.

Study done by the Readership Institute of Northwestern University's
Media Research and Education Center.